Announcement of data release

Forging the Links: Rape investigation and prosecution

Release Data

28 February 2012


Crime and Justice, Expenditure


HM Inspectorate of Constabulary


England and Wales

Geographic Breakdown

Police forces


The report “Forging the Links: Rape investigation and prosecution” presents a range of data on crime, solved crime, no crimes and inspection findings.

The report presents findings from HMIC inspections and is a one-off report.

The data used for the report comes from: Home Office crime statistics, designated as National Statistics and previously published, HMIC data presented in the report “The Crime Scene: a Review of Police Crime and Incident Reports”, Serious Crime Analysis Section (SCAS) performance management information and data on the number of incidents initially recorded as crimes but subsequently “no crimed”. Data relating to “no crimes” are management information as provided to the Home Office by forces and have not been subject to the usual quality assurance carried out for National Statistics on crime.