Our purpose, values and objectives

HMICFRS is a rewarding place to work. We set ourselves high standards, taking great pride in the quality of the work we achieve and the opportunities we create for our staff.

HMICFRS’s purpose, values and objectives are central to this.

Our purpose

Making communities safer.

Our values

  • Respect – we respect and value all those we work with, and the contribution that they make.
  • Honesty – we are truthful at all times.
  • Independence – we are objective in all we do, without bias towards or against anyone; we are independent of the police service, fire and rescue authorities and government, and act only in the public interest.
  • Integrity – we act ethically and openly in all we do.
  • Fairness – we treat everyone – both within and outside HMICFRS – fairly.

Our objectives

  • Demonstrate our values in everything we do.
  • Conduct informed, independent and evidence-based inspections.
  • Provide value for money.
  • Work with others to promote improvements in policing and fire and rescue services.
  • Report our inspection findings/analysis in a clear and compelling way.
  • Ensure that our staff have the skills, knowledge and support to do their jobs.