Working at HMICFRS

Working at HMICFRS gives you an opportunity to make a real difference to the quality of local police and fire and rescue services and the lives of the general public.

We seek to attract the brightest new recruits to join our team. We employ staff in a wide range of jobs, from inspectors and IT specialists to data analysts and administrators, based in one of our three main offices.

HMICFRS is a rewarding place to work. We set ourselves high standards, taking great pride in the quality of work we achieve and the opportunities we create for our staff.

For further information about jobs and vacancies, please see the current vacancies page.

What’s it like to work at HMICFRS?

Members of staff describe what they like about working at HMICFRS.

Wendy Williams, HM Inspector:

“I thoroughly enjoy working at HMICFRS. It is a great organisation but I suppose I would say that because I’m passionate about what it is that we do and what I like about the organisation, in particular, is the commitment and the professionalism of all of our staff. Everyone comes together and everyone works so hard to deliver the best possible quality inspections for the public.”

Ed Henriet, Force Liaison Lead:

“What I like about working here is I’m given space and given trust. It’s made clear to me what the tasks are, what the ambition of the organisation is but then it’s down to me to enable that. We all come together at the same point when the report is at the right standard and we face challenge. And I enjoy the challenge but it’s that freedom to operate as I see the best way to do my job.”

Tamsin Morrall, Portfolio Support Officer — Fire and Rescue Service Inspections:

“So I only started at HMICFRS in January 2017 and within a year I was promoted to HEO [higher executive officer]. There is so much work you can get involved in: going out on inspections for instance. I went on an inspection of West Midlands Police last year and I’ll be going on another inspection for the fire and rescue services, going to Cambridgeshire. There is so much stuff you can get involved in if you want to. It’s been really good for that.”

Katherine Riley, Portfolio Director — Criminal Justice Joint Inspections and Protecting Vulnerable People Inspections:

“You know that whatever job you are doing here – and I have done a few jobs around here – that you are contributing to a higher purpose and that purpose is helping the police to improve and then to help keep victims safer or indeed to avoid them becoming victims in the first place. The people that work here – they are focused on the end mission of improving policing for the sake of the public. They are so committed to it, they go above and beyond and it’s a real privilege to work with them.”

Recruitment process

If you are successful at interview you will be required to undertake pre-employment security checks.

You will be sent a security questionnaire which must be accessed within 24 hours and completed within 72 hours.

Please note, these checks can take up to 10 weeks (or possibly longer if you have lived abroad or travelled extensively).

You will only be offered a start date after the checks have been completed. If the outcome of these checks is not satisfactory, your recommendation for employment will be withdrawn.

Errors can lead to significant delays in gaining security clearance and will delay the agreed start date. Therefore, please make sure you read the instructions carefully and give all the information required.