Terrorism Act custody facilities - joint inspection

Building on experience from the police custody suite inspections, HMICFRS and HM Inspectorate of Prisons), introduced Terrorism Act (TACT) custody facilities inspection in England.

The first of these inspections was carried out at the beginning of 2019.

This programme specifically assesses how well each police force fulfils its responsibility for the safe detention and respectful treatment of detainees in TACT detention facilities.

It also assesses how well the national counter terrorism policing network fulfils its responsibilities.

Throughout these inspections, the focus is on the outcomes for detainees and ensuring that they are treated in a way that meets the minimum standards set out by the National Preventative Mechanism (NPM).

Assessment criteria

TACT custody suites are assessed against criteria set out in the Expectations for TACT Custody, which have been developed by the two inspectorates through consultation with the police service and other sector experts.

The expectations set out five principal inspection areas:

  1. leadership, accountability and partnerships;
  2. pre-custody: first point of contact;
  3. in the custody suite: booking in, individual needs and legal rights;
  4. in the custody cell: safeguarding and health care; and
  5. release and transfer from custody.


Reports will be published here as and when they are available.