Value for money dashboards

Value for money dashboards provide comparative data on a wide range of policing activities from 2011 up to the most recent data release.

They build on work done between 2009 and 2017 that were published as PDF value for money profiles.

These allow detailed analysis of:

  • how much forces spend on different policing activities;
  • how crime levels compare across forces, as well as what outcomes forces achieve; and
  • workforce costs, broken down by role, rank and gender.

View the latest force-level profiles

Use the ‘choose force’ dropdown in the dashboard below to see the data for the force you are interested in.

See updates to the dashboard since publication.

Last updated: February 2023

Getting started

On the homepage, you can select the force you are interested in. On this page, there are also three options for adjusting the data.

You can decide if you want to include the London forces in your analysis.

Due to their sizes and specialised functions the Metropolitan Police Service (the largest force) and City of London Police (the smallest force) data can skew the analysis.

You can adjust the data to take account of the area cost factors. Select ‘yes’ in the ‘adjust for area costs’ option on the home page to take these into account.

Many costs in and around London and the south-east are higher than elsewhere in England and Wales. The police funding formula takes account of this through area cost adjustment (ACA).

You can adjust historical spending to account for inflation. Select ‘yes’ in the ‘adjust for inflation’ option on the homepage to view cost data at current-year prices.

Further information about adjusting data is available on the about the data page. This page also includes an in-depth explanation of the data used in this dashboard.

Further information is available on the using PowerBI dashboards page for general guidance on using PowerBI dashboards. The Understanding the value for money dashboards provides more specialist guidance.