Bailiwick of Jersey

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HMICFRS conducts statutory inspections of police forces and other law enforcement agencies in England and Wales. We also inspect law enforcement arrangements in British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies on invitation from the relevant Government.

The Bailiwick of Jersey is a Crown Dependency in the English Channel, subsequently referred to as ‘the States’.


In 2018, the Jersey Police Authority invited HMICFRS to inspect the States of Jersey Police (SOJP).

Our terms of reference for this inspection were wide-ranging. They amounted to an examination of most aspects of the SOJP’s operations and its governance arrangements.

Overall, we found the force serves the Bailiwick of Jersey’s population well in terms of crime scene attendance, the investigation of crime and financial investigation. We have identified areas in which there is scope to improve, and in some cases, we have made specific recommendations.

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States of Jersey Police – An inspection of the States of Jersey Police – September 2019