How to use the Crime and Policing Comparator

The Crime and Policing Comparator allows you to compare your force with any other force, or with all forces in England and Wales. There are four areas for comparison: recorded crime, quality of service, force finances and workforce numbers. Each area has its own interactive chart where you can choose which different categories – such as crime types or staffing information – to compare.

To start just scroll down to the chart you’re interested in and use the drop-down box on the left of the screen to choose a category.

Example 1.

Recorded crime drop-down menu

Next use the drop-down boxes on the right of the screen to choose which forces you would like to compare.

Example 2.

Choose your force drop-down menu

For example you could create the chart below by going to the Recorded crime and ASB chart and choosing to view burglary statistics in Avon and Somerset and Kent.

Example 3.

Recorded crime example chart

You could create this next chart by scrolling down to Quality of service, choosing to view the figures for solved shoplifting and deciding to compare Cumbria with Gwent.

Example 4.

Quality of service example chart

If you’re interested in Force finances you can choose to view police officer overtime costs and compare Leicestershire with all other forces in England and Wales.

Example 5.

Force finances example chart

This chart provides information on Workforce numbers, such as how many PCSOs are employed by your chosen force. Just go to the Workforce numbers chart and choose your category and forces.

Example 6.

Workforce numbers example chart

You can also choose to change all four charts at once. To compare two forces on all the four charts use the drop-down options at the top of the page and click ‘Draw all charts’. This will then update all four charts on the page.

Example 7.

Draw all charts example

There are links on each chart which provide more information on your force: click on these to see what the force itself, its police authority, or HMIC have to say.

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