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PEEL, Police performance, Spotlight  — 

This report focuses on the findings from our police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy 2021/22 inspection programme, which assesses the performance of the 43 police forces in England and Wales.

Equality and diversity, Ethics and accountability, Fire & rescue services, Integrity and corruption, Spotlight, Thematic inspection  — 

This report focuses on the values and culture of all 44 fire and rescue services (FRSs) in England and draws on the evidence collected through our inspections of FRSs since 2018.

Fire & rescue services, Spotlight, Terms of reference  — 

HMICFRS will produce a spotlight report on values and culture in all 44 fire and rescue services in England, based on our existing evidence.

Spotlight  — 

This report focuses on the police response to serious acquisitive crime.

Fraud, Spotlight  — 

In 2018, the Home Secretary commissioned HMICFRS to carry out a thematic inspection of fraud. This report sets out the findings of our revisit of the 2018 inspection.

Spotlight, Stop and search  — 

Stop and search legislation was introduced in 1984. However, 35 years on, forces still do not understand fully the impact of the use of the powers. When the police use their powers disproportionately, it causes suspicion among some communities that they are being unfairly targeted.

Collaboration, PEEL, Spotlight  — 

Many police forces across England and Wales collaborate with neighbouring forces to share resources and core functions. This report sets out our findings on how forces collaborate in order to provide better, more efficient services to the public.

PEEL, Spotlight, Thematic inspection  — 

The control room is one of the engine rooms of a police force. If it doesn’t have the right systems and processes in place, the force won’t have an accurate picture of demand. This will affect its ability to respond to calls and investigate crimes effectively.

In this report, our findings highlight the challenges that the police service face in handling calls with smaller budgets and fewer people.

Effectiveness, Efficiency, Legitimacy, PEEL, Spotlight  — 

This report gives an overview of the emerging themes from the second group of 2018/19 PEEL (police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy) inspections. These themes are based on findings from 15 police force reports.

Legitimacy, PEEL, Spotlight  — 

This report provides a national picture of abuse of position for a sexual purpose in police forces, drawing on the finalised findings from the 29 forces in the first two tranches of our integrated PEEL assessments, and the early findings from the third and final tranche of forces.