PEEL: police efficiency 2016 - Nottinghamshire Police

Published on: 3 November 2016

Publication types: Efficiency and PEEL

Police Forces: Nottinghamshire


As in HMIC’s previous assessment of police efficiency, this inspection:

  • examined how well each force in England and Wales understands the demand for its service and how well it match its resources to that demand; and
  • provides an assessment of its efficiency.

This report sets out the findings for Nottinghamshire Police.

HMIC also assessed efficiency on a national level, drawing out overarching themes which are set out in the national overview.

The efficiency reports will be followed by reports on legitimacy in December 2016 and effectiveness in early 2017, which together make up the three pillars of the annual PEEL assessment.

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PEEL: police efficiency 2016 – Nottinghamshire Police (PDF document)

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PEEL: police efficiency 2016

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Nottinghamshire’s PEEL efficiency 2016 press release (PDF document)

National press release: Police forces urged to get back to the future

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