PEEL Assessment Framework (PAF) 2023–2025

Published on: 8 February 2023

This is the assessment framework for our police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy (PEEL) programme for the 2023-2025 cycle. We assess each police force in England and Wales, giving graded judgments across several core questions set out in this framework.

We assess police forces against the characteristics of good performance. The characteristics of good listed beside each core question in this framework indicate the performance a force needs to demonstrate to achieve a grade of good. They help inspectors to make consistent assessments across forces and for forces to see what they are being graded against. As with previous judgment criteria, they are not intended to be prescriptive or exhaustive. They take account of existing national standards and guidance, College of Policing authorised professional practice, and evidence from research. We consider new guidance, standards and research when made available.

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