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Today Ofsted published a report with findings from a joint targeted area inspection of the multi-agency response to children and families who need help.

Publication  —  Child protection, Joint inspection  — 

This report is based on five joint targeted area inspections of the multi-agency response to children and families who need help. The five local areas inspected were Bedford Borough Council, London Borough of Harrow, Sunderland City Council, Surrey County Council and Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council.

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Today we published an annual review of our three-year policing programme and framework. 

Publication  —  Effectiveness, Ethics and accountability, Integrity and corruption, PEEL  — 

In May 2023, we inspected Northumbria Police to examine the effectiveness of the force’s vetting arrangements.

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Today we published reports on the effectiveness of vetting arrangements in Humberside, Northumbria, South Yorkshire and Warwickshire Police.

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Police forces are still failing to record the ethnicity of victims of crimes in nearly two thirds of cases, and they should publish more data on ethnicity to help build public confidence.

Publication  —  Race, Thematic inspection  — 

In this report, we examine what published demographic data is available for a range of police criminal justice decisions. We then detail the policy context that exists for these, before setting out the findings from the fieldwork that we carried out.

Publication  —  Race, Thematic inspection  — 

This inspection considers the effectiveness of the national leadership and governance arrangements that relate to race and policing.

Publication  —  Homicide, Joint inspection  — 

This inspection examined how effectively the police understood, and contributed to the prevention of, homicides.

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Most police forces effectively identify patterns and causes of homicide, and allocate the right resources to prevent it, but there is still too much inconsistency in how policing tackles homicide prevention.