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Publication  —  Specialist inspection  — 

In 2021, the Isle of Man Department of Home Affairs invited HMICFRS to inspect the Isle of Man Constabulary.

News article  — 

At the invitation of the Isle of Man Department of Home Affairs, HMICFRS inspected the Isle of Man Constabulary.

Publication  —  Consultations  — 

This document provides details of our proposed programme of policing inspections commencing April 2022. It asks for your views on whether we cover the right themes and areas of policing.

News article  — 

HMICFRS has launched a consultation which welcomes views on our proposed policing inspection programme for the next three years. The consultation is open until Thursday 10 March 2022.

Publication  —  Business Plans, Corporate documents, Inspection programmes  — 

This document provides details of HMICFRS’s inspection programme and framework for policing for 2020/21.

News article  — 

Chief Inspector of Constabulary: 43-force model needs reform; police need secure investment conditions to get ahead of crime; Home office hands-on policy necessary for efficiency

Publication  —  Annual reports  — 

This is Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary’s report to the Secretary of State under section 54(4A) of the Police Act 1996. It contains his assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of policing in England and Wales based on the inspections we carried out between May 2019 and March 2020.