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News article  — 

We inspected British Transport Police and gave graded judgments in five of the seven areas that we inspected.

Publication  —  Effectiveness, Ethics and accountability, Integrity and corruption, PEEL  — 

In October 2022, we inspected British Transport Police (BTP) to examine the effectiveness of the force’s vetting, IT monitoring and counter-corruption arrangements.

Publication  —  Effectiveness, Efficiency, Legitimacy  — 

In 2021, we were commissioned by the Minister of State for Transport to inspect British Transport Police and assess the efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy of the force.

News article  — 

Today we published a report to examine the effectiveness of British Transport Police’s vetting, IT monitoring and counter-corruption arrangements. 

News article  — 

Today we published a report about an inspection of the London regional response to serious and organised crime.

Publication  —  PEEL, Regional Organised Crime Units, Serious and organised crime  — 

As part of our PEEL inspections, we inspected how well police forces tackle serious and organised crime.

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Police forces are unable to keep pace with technology when it comes to digital forensics – and there is a backlog of more than 25,000 devices waiting to be examined.

Publication  —  Digital, National report  — 

In this inspection, we examined the provision of digital forensics in police forces and regional organised crime units.

News article  — 

Today, we have published our policing inspection programme and framework for the three years from April 2022.

Publication  —  Business Plans, Consultations, Corporate documents, Inspection programmes  — 

We recently consulted on our proposed programme for policing inspections for the 3 years from April 2022. The purpose of this consultation was to make sure we continue to focus our inspection work on what matters most to the public.