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Publication  —  Digital, National report  — 

In this inspection, we examined the provision of digital forensics in police forces and regional organised crime units.

Publication  —  Counter-terrorism, National report  — 

National policing arrangements exist in England and Wales to counter the threat of terrorism. Under certain circumstances, chief constables will cede control of their resources to a police commander working on their behalf. This inspection examined the role of these counter-terrorism commanders.

Publication  —  National report, Strategic Policing Requirement  — 

The Strategic Policing Requirement: An inspection of the arrangements that police forces have in place to meet the Strategic Policing Requirement Summary This inspection examined how well police forces have established the arrangements that the Strategic Policing Requirement requires them to have in place to counter a number of specified threats to national security and

Publication  —  National report  — 

Summary The National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) is the national centre for forensic science, intelligence and knowledge which deals with the illegal use, supply and manufacture of firearms and ammunition. It provides a dedicated forensic service to link crime scenes through the microscopic examination of ballistic items. In early 2013, HMIC carried out an inspection

Publication  —  National report  — 

Summary This joint report by HMIC and the HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate looked at rape investigation and prosecution. We found that progress has been made in relation to the needs of rape victims, but there is more to do. Improvements must be made to the way the police gather and analyse intelligence material to identify perpetrators of

Publication  —  National report  — 

Summary HMIC reviewed the use of undercover officers by the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU), now part of the National Domestic Extremism Unit (NDEU). The NPOIU was funded by the Home Office to gather and coordinate intelligence in order to reduce criminality and disorder from domestic extremism, and support forces across England and Wales

Publication  —  National report  — 

Summary Our review of police crime and incident reports in England and Wales considers the quality of crime and incident data, and the arrangements in place to ensure standards are maintained and improved. It is important for police forces to have high quality data to ensure they can establish where, when and how often crime

Publication  —  National report  — 

Summary Following the August 2011 riots, the Home Secretary wrote to HMIC to request “further work to support clearer guidance to forces on the size of deployments, the need for mutual aid, pre-emptive action, public order tactics, the number of officers (including commanders) trained in public order policing and an appropriate arrests policy”. HMIC found

Publication  —  National report  — 

Summary This joint thematic inspection of six Youth Offending Teams and police force areas examined the experiences of children and young people under 17 years while in police custody. We found that Appropriate Adult provision has evolved into being another part of the custody process, with a focus on complying with PACE 1984 rather than

Publication  —  National report  — 

Summary On 18 July 2011 the Home Secretary made an oral statement to Parliament about the Metropolitan Police Service when she stated that “current allegations about phone hacking are not, unfortunately, the only recent example of alleged corruption in the police service.” On 20 July 2011 HMIC was formally commissioned by the Home Secretary to