PEEL: Nottinghamshire Police causes of concern

Published on: 11 March 2024

Publication types: Accelerated cause of concern and PEEL

Police Forces: Nottinghamshire

We have issued two accelerated causes of concern to Nottinghamshire Police as a result of its failure to:

  • sufficiently manage and carry out effective investigations and support victims; and
  • have adequate governance arrangements in place.

Accelerated causes of concern

If our inspections identify a serious or critical shortcoming in a force’s practice, policy or performance, it will be reported as a cause of concern. A cause of concern will always be accompanied by one or more recommendations. When we identify causes of concern during our inspections, we normally provide details in the subsequent force report.

Sometimes, such as when we discover significant service failures or risks to public safety, we report our concerns and recommendations earlier. This is called an accelerated cause of concern.

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