Gloucestershire – 2013 Value for money profile

Published on: 14 November 2013

Publication types: Value for money

Police Forces: Gloucestershire


The Value for money (VfM) profiles provide comparative data on a wide range of policing activities. For instance: does your force spend more or less than other similar forces? Does it receive fewer or more 999 calls? How does the crime rate differ from other force areas?

It is important to note that the profiles highlight what these differences are, but not why they exist. There are many reasons why (for instance) a force might spend more on a particular function than other forces, or pay its officers more. Forces and police and crime commissioners can explain these reasons; the VfM profiles aim to help you ask the right questions.

The profiles are based on data provided by the police and have been prepared by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) for HMIC.

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Gloucestershire, value for money profile, 2013 summary (PDF, 33KB, new window) (PDF document)

Summary Value for Money Profiles 2013: An overview of the calculations used (PDF, 197KB, new window) (PDF document)

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Gloucestershire, value for money profile, 2013 (PDF, 775KB, new window) (PDF document)

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