HMICFRS strategy 2023-27

Published on: 29 September 2023

HMICFRS strategy

Being more proactive

  • Using all available data to anticipate future challenges and opportunities
  • Making best us of our insight and information to proactively monitor and recognise significant emerging problems
  • Intervening early to prevent further deterioration in service to the public where concerns are identified

Focusing on outcomes

  • Prioritising our effort and resources on those inspections that have the greatest positive impact on outcomes for the public
  • Focusing on current and future problems of greatest concern
  • Ensuring our inspections assess how well forces and services achieve improved outcomes for the public

Driving sustainable improvement

  • Increasing our influence as a trusted authority to improve police and fire & rescue services and inform future standards
  • Highlighting where improvements are needed and routinely following up on them to drive sustained improvements
  • Promoting promising and innovative practice that those we inspect can learn from

Promoting smarter systems

  • Promoting a whole system approach to assess and address complex problems even where there are no immediate or straightforward answers
  • Working with other organisations to drive improvements in our inspected sectors and in the wider system
  • Co-ordinating system wide support where significant risks, concerns or service failures are identified

At the heart

  • One Team
    • Our values and standards

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HMICFRS strategy 2023-27