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Thames Valley PEEL 2018


How efficiently does the force operate and how sustainable are its services to the public?

Last updated 27/09/2019

Thames Valley Police operates efficiently and provides sustainable services.

It is good at future planning and has a good understanding of how demand will change, which includes the impact of technological change.

It uses a range of data to inform this understanding, including data from partner organisations. It has good plans to put in place the finances and people that it will need in the future.

The force has some arrangements in place to identify public expectations. We saw evidence of how it has reshaped the way the public can access its services to meet these expectations.

In 2017, we judged Thames Valley Police to be outstanding at meeting current demand and using resources.

Questions for Efficiency


How well does the force plan for the future?


Thames Valley Police has a good understanding of future trends in demand based on analysis of its own data and some data from partner organisations. This understanding includes the impact of technological change. The force has embraced the use of new technology to work smarter and provide a service in line with public expectations.

The force’s priorities are clearly understood, and there are effective processes in place to make sure that finance and staffing plans are in line with priorities and future demand.

Detailed findings for question 2