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Hampshire Constabulary has the fifth lowest staff levels per head of population. By April 2019, its workforce will be 4,927, making it the second leanest force per head of population in the country. (VfM19)

It has innovative partnerships with other agencies including Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, with which it shares a strategic headquarters. HR and finance are shared with Hampshire’s council and fire services. There is a well-developed collaboration with Thames Valley Police and close working with criminal justice partners. Other innovation includes an award-winning forensics partnership with Portsmouth University.

Partnerships are being further developed through modern approaches to cyber-crime and responding to the increase in reporting of crimes such as child sexual exploitation and domestic abuse.

In 2019 the force was recognised as having good plans to address future demand on services. Its new operating model and reduction of personnel has enabled the force to provide a new police estate, more suited to how the force now provides its services. (IPA 19)

In 2019, Hampshire had the 4th lowest Net Revenue Expenditure (NRE) nationally per population (£162 compared with national average of £182). (VfM19)

The force has a mature and well-scrutinised approach to this prioritisation, and risk is managed effectively with an increasing but appropriate proportion of reported incidents managed without deployment. This approach can create disconnect between public perception of where policing should direct its finite resources and where these resources are best used to deliver the greatest value, but it does serve to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

Hampshire’s operating model retains a strong neighbourhood policing footprint and has a higher than average proportion of officers in frontline roles.

In 2019, Hampshire had the 5th highest Outcomes / Crime nationally per officer. (VfM19)

Public confidence in Hampshire Constabulary remains above the national average and the Most Similar Group of forces. Complaints against officers are the sixth lowest nationally. (VfM19)

Disclaimer: the above statement has been prepared by Hampshire Constabulary. The views and information in it are not necessarily those of HMICFRS.