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Gloucestershire PEEL 2018


How efficiently does the force operate and how sustainable are its services to the public?

Last updated 02/05/2019

Gloucestershire Constabulary is efficient in the way it operates and its services are sustainable.

The force is good at working out what demand for its services might be like in future. It uses police data for this, but it would be better if it also used data from other agencies.

It has enough skilled and experienced people and the financial resources to meet current and future demand.

The force has invested in the skills and equipment it needs to protect the public from cyber-crime. It has invested in IT.

Frontline officers and staff use mobile working. Officers and staff like the technology and say that it is efficient.

The force has recruited specialist staff so that it can digitise as many of its services as possible.

It has made £33m of savings since 2011 and has invested in priority areas.

The medium-term financial plan has a good balance between savings and investment in important areas. It has identified savings which will balance the 2018–19 budget without using its reserves.

The force’s future plans are realistic. It understands how increased demand can affect an organisation.

Questions for Efficiency


How well does the force plan for the future?


Gloucestershire Constabulary is good at planning for the future. It assesses what skills and tools it needs. It has a good ICT strategy to help address future demands.

The force has a good understanding of public expectations. It works well with local communities and carries out surveys to find out about the experiences and opinions of local people. The force uses feedback to improve its services.

Gloucestershire Constabulary is good at managing its many priorities, using its understanding of future demand and changing public expectations. Its change plans focus on making sure it can meet the needs of the public.

It has recruited people who have the specialist skills needed for digitalisation. It has worked hard to improve the diversity of the workforce by recruiting from outside the police service.

The force’s medium-term financial plan balances making savings with investing in priority areas.

It recognises that workforce development and holding on to specialist skills are important. It has a good plan that focuses on supportive leadership and wellbeing. Leadership training for officers and staff includes a talent management scheme to help people to reach their full potential.

The force is planning to develop a greater understanding of where it needs to improve workforce capabilities to meet future demand. Its plans for the future are realistic.

Detailed findings for question 2