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Derbyshire is an economically, culturally and ethnically diverse county, with a population over 1 million where 8 percent are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. The county ranges from the vibrant city of Derby to former mining communities vast moorland and the Peak District National Park.

Policing is becoming more complex, with threats from fraud, paedophilia, cyber-crime, human trafficking, organised crime and terrorism. Protecting the vulnerable is a key aim and includes those suffering child sexual abuse and domestic abuse (15,055 domestic incidents and non-crimes and 8,257 in 2018/19).

To deliver the police and crime commissioner’s priorities and provide a high-quality policing service, the force works closely with partner agencies and collaborates with other regional forces. The force shares a head of strategic assets with the fire and rescues service and are co-locating some assets and functions.

In 2018/19 the force dealt with 249,861 incidents resulting in 61,227 crimes – a 10 percent rise on the previous year, against a 11.0 percent rise nationally. Recorded crime in Derbyshire has reduced by nearly 50,000 offences since national crime recording standards were introduced. In June this year, Derbyshire now maximises all opportunities to record crimes at first point of contact. This combined with a comprehensive package of training has resulted in a sharp uplift of the numbers of crime recorded, such that we are now recording 33% more crime than in 2018.

In the last five years, we have lost 21 police officers and gained 256 staff posts, employing 1,767 police officer posts and 1,432 staff. The force spends £170 per head of population, £33 below the national average. We continue to remain an efficient force and public confidence remains high, with 73 percent stating they have confidence in Derbyshire Constabulary. Our commitment is simple: to provide a high-quality service to everyone in Derbyshire.

Disclaimer: the above statement has been prepared by Derbyshire Constabulary. The views and information in it are not necessarily those of HMICFRS.