This is an overview of the grades forces in England and Wales received for PEEL 2015. There are three key themes or pillars, and eleven questions.

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Effectiveness - Question 1

How effective is the force at preventing crime and anti-social behaviour, and keeping people safe?

Effectiveness - Question 2

How effective is the force at investigating crime and managing offenders?

Effectiveness - Question 3

How effective is the force at protecting from harm those who are vulnerable, and supporting victims?

Effectiveness - Question 4

How effective is the force at tackling serious and organised crime, including its arrangement for fulfilling its national policing responsibilities?

Efficiency - Question 1

How well does the force use its resources to meet its demand?

Efficiency - Question 2

How sustainable and affordable is the workforce model?

Efficiency - Question 3

How sustainable is the force’s financial position for the short and long term?

Legitimacy - Question 1

To what extent does practice and behaviour reinforce the wellbeing of staff and an ethical culture?

Legitimacy - Question 2 - Ungraded

To what extent are forces recording crimes in accordance with the Home Office Counting Rules?

Legitimacy - Question 3

How well does the force understand, engage with and treat fairly the people it serves to maintain and improve its legitimacy?

Legitimacy - Question 4

To what extent are decisions taken on the use of stop and search and Taser fair and appropriate?

Leadership - Question 1 - Ungraded

How well does the force have a clear understanding of the current state of its leadership at every level?

Leadership - Question 2 - Ungraded

How well has the force provided a clear and compelling sense of the future direction of the organisation?

Leadership - Question 3 - Ungraded

How is the force developing leadership, motivating the workforce and encouraging staff engagement?

Leadership - Question 4 - Ungraded

To what extent is leadership improving the effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy of the force?


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