Inspection reporting line

Our inspection reporting line (IRL) form is a tool for fire and rescue service staff to confidentially pass information to HMICFRS, which as an independent body is responsible for inspecting fire and rescue services on their efficiency, effectiveness and how well they look after their people.

You can use the button below to submit the inspection reporting line form, or see the getting in touch section for other ways to report information.


All correspondence received will generally be treated in confidence, and we would encourage correspondents to provide their contact information so that they can be approached directly by HMICFRS staff who are involved in the inspection process. If we need to pass any of this information onto another party we will contact you first.

The information provided can be broad ranging, and will help inform our inspection process by highlighting areas that fire and rescue service staff feel we, as an inspectorate, should be considering prior to and during inspection activity.

Ideally, we will be provided with suggestions for potential solutions or resolutions to the issues that have been raised.

Getting in touch

There are two ways in which we can receive information:

  • Submit the information via this online form – this is the recommended way to contact us.
  • Provide the information in writing and send it to: 23 Stephenson Street, Birmingham, B2 4BH.

We hope from this service to gain insight into areas that wouldn’t necessarily be available in a non-confidential environment, which will help drive improvements in fire and rescue services to make everyone safer.

More information

Please be aware that this is not a format for complaints.

HMICFRS is an independent inspectorate defined under statute, and is responsible for inspecting fire and rescue services’ efficiency and effectiveness. We have no remit to deal with individual complaints about a service or its personnel.

Responsibility for dealing with complaints rests with either your service directly through their internal whistleblowing mechanisms, or the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGO). Visit the LGO website for more information and details on how to contact the organisation.

For information on how HMICFRS handles personal information please refer to our privacy notice.