Fire and rescue services previously in Engage

London Fire Brigade

Moved out of Engage

March 2024


The brigade has made several improvements, including:

  • clear involvement of staff in developing values, with significant work to communicate values to staff;
  • most staff we spoke to felt senior leaders displayed brigade values;
  • clear commitment to improve leadership skills among managers through an ongoing programme of leadership training;
  • clear progress in the brigade’s ongoing plan to improve its human resources function;
  • improved processes to deal with behaviours such as bullying and discrimination, including establishing a Professional Standards Unit;
  • a comprehensive plan in place to improve vetting of brigade staff; and
  • assurance in the sustainability of the brigade’s plans to change its culture.

Entered Engage

December 2022


  1. There is cumulative evidence from our last inspection and afterwards of unacceptable behaviour within the brigade, including discrimination and bullying. The values and behaviours the brigade aspires to are not always demonstrated by senior leaders. The brigade needs to do more to demonstrate progress in improving its culture.

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