Publication scheme

We comply with the government-wide publication scheme, which suggests that certain types of publications should be made available to the public, by making them available on our website. This guidance explains the type of information that we have released and where to find it.

How does the scheme work? Will I be charged for the information?

Information listed in the publication scheme is available on our website and in print. You can access information:

  1. On our website
    When the information is available on the HMICFRS website, the web address will be given and a link will be provided. There is no charge for information available on the website.
  2. By email
    You can email a request including the words publication scheme in the subject heading. There is no charge for information which is provided electronically.
  3. By post
    If you ask for information available on our website to be provided in paper format it may be necessary to make a charge. Each case is considered separately, for example, if a large amount of photocopying is required, or if the cost of postage of a large volume of paperwork is very high.

How to contact HMICFRS

Types of information

We publish information as outlined in the Information Commissioner’s Office guidance.

What information is available?

We publish information on:

  • Who we are and what we do
  • What we spend and how we spend it
  • What are our priorities and how are we doing
  • The service we offer
  • Local and national reports on policing predominantly in England and Wales, and fire and rescue services in England
  • Data on policing predominantly in England and Wales, and fire and rescue services in England


HMICFRS publishes most of the material we produce, although some (for instance, relating to counter-terrorism) remains restricted in the public interest.

Freedom of information

The Cabinet Office is responsible for policy on the Freedom of Information Act in the United Kingdom.

Archived content

HMICFRS’s website is regularly copied and archived on the National Archives website. Links to archived content can be found below.

Archived HMICFRS website, July 2017 – present (external link)

Archived HMIC website, December 2014 – July 2017 (external link)

Archived HMIC website, February 2010 – December 2014 (external link)

Archived HMIC website, August 2008 – February 2010 (external link)

Archived HMIC website, April 1999 – August 2008 (external link)