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Research, Thematic inspection  — 

We examined how well police address serious youth violence to reduce violent crime involving young people.

Research  — 

We commissioned User Voice to conduct research on the lived experience of those who have committed, and been on the receiving end, of serious youth violence.

Released under investigation, Research, Thematic inspection  — 

In 2019, HMICFRS commissioned BritainThinks to conduct qualitative research to explore victim and suspect experiences of changes implemented as a result of the Policing and Crime Act 2017

Child protection, Research  — 

In 2014, HMICFRS started a rolling programme of inspections in every police force in England and Wales, looking at their response to child protection. To better understand the impact of these inspections on policing activity, we commissioned NatCen to carry out independent evaluation of the programme.

Hate crime, Research, Study  — 

This research project was commissioned by HMICFRS to better understand the experiences of victims of hate crime. It provides a powerful victim perspective and complements our own inspection report on hate crime.

Research  — 

HMICFRS commissioned NatCen Social Research to carry out research to inform the development of our methodology for including victims’ views in our inspections.

Leadership, PEEL, Research  — 

HMICFRS commissioned Plymouth University to undertake research a short academic study into existing methodologies for the inspection of leadership, with the aim of helping us refine our approach to our inspection of leadership as a concept within policing.