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National Crime Agency  — 

This report considers the National Crime Agency’s effectiveness and efficiency in helping and working with police forces and other law enforcement agencies to identify and tackle corruption involving police officers and staff.

National Crime Agency  — 

This report examines the National Crime Agency’s ability to protect its assets from corruption threats.

Child protection, National Crime Agency  — 

Report on how effective police forces, the National Crime Agency, and regional organised crime units are at identifying and safeguarding children affected by online sexual abuse and exploitation.

Child protection, National Crime Agency, Vulnerability  — 

This inspection looked at how the National Crime Agency safeguards children and vulnerable people.

National Crime Agency  — 

HMICFRS is required by the Crime and Courts Act 2013 to inspect the National Crime Agency. Following an inspection we must report to the Home Secretary on the efficiency and effectiveness of the NCA.

Effectiveness, Efficiency, National Crime Agency, PEEL  — 

HMICFRS inspected the National Crime Agency as part of our PEEL inspections. See our recommendations.

National Crime Agency  — 

In HMICFRS’ sixth inspection of the National Crime Agency, we examine its criminal intelligence function.

Joint inspection, National Crime Agency  — 

This reports sets out the findings of our joint inspection, carried out with Her Majesty’s Crwon Prosecution Service Inspectorate (HMCPSI).

National Crime Agency  — 

HMICFRS’s fourth inspection of the National Crime Agency, looking at the national tasking, coordination and governance of the response to serious and organised crime.

National Crime Agency  — 

HMICFRS’ third inspection of the National Crime Agency, looking at the support provided to law enforcement in respect of serious crime investigations.