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Joint inspection, Leadership  — 

HMICFRS and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) carried out a joint inspection to determine how effectively police forces select and train candidates for chief officer roles.

Leadership, PEEL  — 

This report pulls together the findings from the PEEL 2017 leadership inspections, and provides a national overview.

Leadership, PEEL, Research  — 

HMICFRS commissioned Plymouth University to undertake research a short academic study into existing methodologies for the inspection of leadership, with the aim of helping us refine our approach to our inspection of leadership as a concept within policing.

British Transport Police, Efficiency, Leadership, Legitimacy, PEEL  — 

This report sets out HMICFRS’ findings from an inspection of the British Transport Police’s efficiency, legitimacy and leadership in February 2017.

Leadership, PEEL  — 

As in PEEL 2015, this inspection examined how well forces understand, develop and display leadership; and provides an assessment of how well led they are.