Royal Gibraltar Police: Evaluation of progress

Published on: 13 October 2022

Publication types: Specialist inspection

Police Forces: Royal Gibraltar Police

This is the third inspection of the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) that we have conducted in the last six years.


In 2016, we conducted an inspection of leadership, crime management, demand and resources. In our report of that inspection our report of the 2016 inspection we identified areas for improvement (AFIs).

In 2020, we inspected:

  • the progress the force had made in addressing our AFIs; and
  • the force’s legitimacy.

In the first part of our report on the 2020 inspection we expressed concern that the force had made slow progress. We also found that the force had only fully addressed one of the 2016 AFIs. And we made five recommendations related to the issues we had identified in 2016.

In the second part of that report, we highlighted nine new AFIs and made five recommendations. These were to help the force better promote ethics, fairness and standards.

In 2021, the commissioner of the RGP and the Gibraltar Police Authority invited us to evaluate the force’s progress in addressing:

  • the outstanding AFIs from the 2016 report; and
  • the recommendations and AFIs from the 2020 report.

This report sets out our findings.

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Royal Gibraltar Police: Evaluation of progress

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Royal Gibraltar Police: An inspection of leadership, crime management, demand and resources