Force management statements correspondence

Published on: 21 March 2018


A force management statement (FMS) is a self-assessment that chief constables (and London equivalents) prepare and give to HMICFRS each year. In October 2017, HMICFRS consulted on the proposed design of the FMSs, and following consideration of the responses, published the template and guidance in March 2018.

Available to download below are the letters sent from HMICFRS to chief constables, police and crime commissioners, and other interested parties, about FMSs.

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10 July 2015 – Letter to chief constables and police and crime commissioners introducing FMSs (PDF document)

11 August 2016 – Letter to the forces piloting the FMSs (PDF document)

5 September 2017 – Letter regarding HMICFRS risk-based inspections (PDF document)

30 November 2017 – Letter to chief constables, police and crime commissioners and other interested parties – questions and answers (PDF document)

30 November 2017 – Attachment to letter – questions and answers document (PDF document)

28 June 2018 – Letter to chief constables – response to submitted FMSs (PDF document)

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