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Royal Military Police

His Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary (HMI): Lee Freeman is HMI for Royal Military Police (RMP)

About Royal Military Police

The RMP consists of approximately 2,200 soldiers and civilian staff deployed with other military units throughout the UK and abroad. It is responsible for policing the British Army worldwide.

The RMP is there to provide an independent investigatory and policing service so that investigations are effective and lawful, discipline is maintained, and individuals are provided with the protections and safeguards afforded to them by law.

HMICFRS’s role in inspecting this force

HMICFRS has a statutory duty to inspect and report on the RMP to the Secretary of State. We report on the independence and effectiveness of investigations carried out by each of the service police forces, including the RMP, under the Armed Forces Act 2011.

We ask the questions that we believe the public wish to have answered, and publish our findings, conclusions and recommendations. We use our expertise to interpret the evidence and make recommendations for improvement.