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Merseyside PEEL 2018


How efficiently does the force operate and how sustainable are its services to the public?

Last updated 20/01/2020

Merseyside Police is efficient and works hard to provide a sustainable service. It engages well with the public and has introduced new technology to improve access to policing services. It has clear priorities and the workforce is aligned to meet them. The force is developing its leadership through talent management and training, and it continues to work to understand the capabilities of its workforce. Recruitment is well planned, and the force has taken steps to bring in managers with specialist skills.

The force has sound financial plans and understands the further savings it will need to make in future. Its plans are ambitious and will invest in both technology and estates to provide a sustainable service for its communities.

In 2017 we judged Merseyside Police to be good at meeting current demands and using resources.

Questions for Efficiency


How well does the force use its resources to meet the demand it faces?


This question was not subject to detailed inspection in 2018/19, and our judgment from the 2017 efficiency inspection has been carried over. In 2017, we identified as an area for improvement that the force needed to better understand its workforce’s capabilities.

A detailed workforce assessment is being carried out to help with future planning. We will revisit this progress in subsequent inspections.


How well does the force plan for the future?


Merseyside Police has a good understanding of its current demands and is in the process of developing its knowledge of the demands it may face in future. Its leaders are exploring how changes in population and other factors will influence demand. This will help the force consider how to sustain and improve its services.

It uses a computer system to track current levels of demand, and to help predict how this will change in the future. It has invested in other technological solutions to improve its services, such as body-worn video, mobile devices and digital evidence collection, helping officers to support the public and work more efficiently.

The force has clear priorities. It engages well with the public to understand their expectations. It does this using a wide range of surveys, online polls and social media, and it responds to concerns that are raised. It has adopted the single online home, making it easier for the public to contact it, and more developments are planned. But it could ask for the public’s view sooner when it is planning changes – for example when redesigning its front-counter services.

Merseyside Police has examined its workforce and has a plan in place to recruit new officers and staff to deal with predicted gaps. It is bringing in a new system to improve its future planning. It also has a key estate plan, which outlines how it will provide a sustainable service for the public.

The force has ambitious plans for improving its services and reducing its costs. One way it is seeking to make its work more efficient and provide a better service to the public is through an end-to-end review of its investigations.

Detailed findings for question 2