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Humberside PEEL 2018


How efficiently does the force operate and how sustainable are its services to the public?

Last updated 02/05/2019

Humberside Police is good at meeting current demands and using resources.

The force understands the demands placed on it at present. It makes changes as demand changes. The force works with other organisations to meet demand. It is working to improve its understanding of the benefits it gains from change programmes.

Humberside Police is good at planning for the future. It knows what the public expects from it. The force has a good workforce plan that shows what skills it will need in future. It has plans to get the skills that it needs. The force now has a better understanding of its finances than previously.

Questions for Efficiency


How well does the force use its resources to meet the demand it faces?


The force’s demand team works out what services it needs to provide using various methods. The force changes its processes as demand changes. The recent change to a different shift pattern was the force’s response to a change in a demand.

Senior offices monitor demand throughout the day. So the force can manage calls efficiently and effectively.

The force works keenly with other organisations. This includes other forces, other emergency services, academics, charities and health and social services. The collaborations take a variety of forms.

Through these partnerships the force gains efficiencies, cost savings and access to skills and capabilities that enhance the service it provides. It understands the benefits it gains. And we saw an example of the force recognising an arrangement that was not working and adjusting it.

Humberside Police brings about change after reviews. The review leaders present thorough business cases and these are scrutinised appropriately. The force is improving the way it assesses the benefits of change.

The force has improved the way its workforce requirements align with its budget.

It has recently recruited a large number of officers. This created extra work (for example in training) but the force has managed this well.

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How well does the force plan for the future?


Humberside Police has a dedicated team to work out what demands it will need to meet in future. It responds with change and investment, both major and minor.

The force informs itself about what the public expects in different ways. One ambitious scheme is to visit 400,000 homes in Humberside to ask residents about their needs.

The plan on a page lists the strategic priorities and it is visible throughout the force.

The workforce plan is wide-ranging. It is based on an understanding of current and future demand. The force knows what skills its workforce has, and what skills it does not have. It has plans to plug these gaps. This will improve how it operates. The force knows what skills new recruits will need to meet future demand and trains them accordingly.

The force now has a better understanding of its finances. It uses its funds to give a better service. The force will fund further recruitment from reserves, but understands this is not sustainable. It knows what efficiency savings it must make and has plans to do this. We will monitor this area.

Humberside Police is ambitious in its plans to provide a top-quality service. These plans are realistic and agreed with the PCC.

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