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Cumbria PEEL 2018


How efficiently does the force operate and how sustainable are its services to the public?

Last updated 02/05/2019

Cumbria Constabulary is good in the efficient way it operates and provides sustainable services to the public.

The constabulary forecasts future changes with detailed demand analysis. Public engagement informs its plans and how it allocates resources.

It now understands what skills it needs to meet future demand. So, it is changing its workforce mix.

Police and partner organisations work together in local focus hubs to resolve community problems. This will reduce long-term demand. Additional officers deal proactively with people who are harming communities.

The constabulary recognises the importance of ICT in the future. It has allocated enough funds to meet its needs. A new system to match skills to demand will help it manage resources better.

A new workforce development programme is helping the constabulary develop talented people and future leaders.

The constabulary has robust financial plans with scenario planning for several possibilities. These are subject to external scrutiny.

An overarching change programme, Cumbria Vision 25, brings together departmental change programmes. So there is a co-ordinated approach to preparing for the future. The constabulary has improved its processes to realise the expected benefits of change. It has good collaborative arrangements with police partners. It is making progress with an ambitious blue light collaboration.

In 2017 we judged Cumbria Constabulary as being good at meeting current demands and using resources.

Questions for Efficiency


How well does the force plan for the future?


Cumbria Constabulary works out what it must do and makes changes to meet future demand. It finds out what the public wants and uses this feedback in its plans.

The constabulary’s priorities are listed clearly in the police and crime commissioner’s police and crime plan.

Cumbria Constabulary knows what skills and people it needs now and in the future. It is improving the IT systems it uses to work this out.

The constabulary’s leaders understand the finance plans. It will save £4.8m by 2021/22 and needs to save £1.2m after that.

Cumbria Constabulary has a new programme to develop its workforce.

It has a stated plan for the future. The constabulary tests change in a small area before committing itself to full-scale change. It checks its plans using several methods.

Cumbria Constabulary is good at planning for the future.

Detailed findings for question 2