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Hampshire PEEL 2014


How well the force delivers value for money

Last updated 12/11/2014


Hampshire Constabulary has responded well to the challenge of the spending review. It is well placed to respond to future funding reductions in this ongoing era of austerity.

Hampshire Constabulary is on track to achieve its required savings of £52.9m over this spending review period. It has plans in place that will achieve further savings in 2015/16, and is developing its plans for the period beyond 2016. Importantly, in making its required savings the force is protecting neighbourhood policing as far as possible, and increasing the proportion of staff and officers in frontline crime fighting roles.

The force understands the issues it faces and is looking beyond the current spending review, taking action now by planning for future funding reductions and other cost pressures.

Despite the reductions in staffing numbers, the force has continued to fight crime and keep its communities safe. It has achieved higher reductions in crime, both over the spending review period and during the last 12 months to March 2014, than most other forces. Overall, crime levels remain lower than in other forces in England and Wales and the force has increased victim satisfaction over the 12 months to March 2014.

Questions for Efficiency


To what extent is the force efficient?


To what extent is the force efficient?

Hampshire Constabulary has developed its approach to understanding demand and risks. It has analysed demand for services and is aligning resources to respond better.

It is starting to identify through improved processes where police time can be saved without reducing the quality of service to the public. Despite making considerable savings and reductions in police officer and staff numbers, Hampshire has continued to reduce crime, and to improve victim satisfaction.



To what extent is the force taking steps to ensure a secure financial position for the short and long term?


Hampshire Constabulary has faced a difficult challenge. Although its savings requirement is broadly in line with other forces, it is a low-cost force, spending less on policing, and employing fewer staff and police officers than other forces. This means it has less scope to make further savings. It has a strong track record of achieving savings and has plans in place to achieve most of the £10.6m requirement in 2014/15. The force’s operational change programme aims to achieve the anticipated £25m savings needed in 2015/16 and 2016/17. The force has looked at all areas of service and has well-developed plans to achieve considerable savings at the same time as improving effectiveness and protecting policing priorities.



To what extent has the force got an affordable way of providing policing?


Hampshire Constabulary has a strong track record of managing change to reduce costs while improving performance. It has reviewed all areas of service to the public and developed a change plan that will achieve all of the anticipated savings through to 2016/17. Cuts continue to be managed to protect neighbourhood policing; the force has among the highest proportion of officers and staff in frontline and visible roles in England and Wales. It has made good use of collaboration with other forces to enable it to reduce costs and provide effective services. It has an ambitious plan to change the way it uses its buildings and plans to save money while investing in improving its estate from the proceeds of selling surplus land and buildings.