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Derbyshire PEEL 2014


How well the force delivers value for money

Last updated 12/11/2014


Derbyshire Constabulary is a low-cost force and it has achieved savings in challenging financial circumstances. It has plans to change the way in which it provides policing in the future so that it can continue to keep its communities safe with reduced resources.

Derbyshire is on track to achieve its required savings of £24.2m over this spending review period, and it has developed plans for the following financial year of 2015/16.

The force is also looking beyond this period, and the work of its change programme aims to design a new way of providing policing that will be affordable through to 2019/20.

Overall, the force understands the issues facing it, and it has a well-managed change programme in place to achieve the savings required. The outlook for 2016 and beyond is positive with business improvement methods, such as priority-based budgeting, being applied to all functions in the force. This will enable the force to examine the services it provides and better understand how to provide policing services at reduced cost.

HMIC’s assessment is that the force is achieving the savings required and is planning for the future, while continuing to reduce crime and retain high levels of victim satisfaction.

Questions for Efficiency


To what extent is the force efficient?


The force continues to improve its understanding and management of demand by examining: policies and procedures, the practice of single crewing, shift patterns, and using scheduled appointments for non-urgent incidents. The force understands the demands placed on it by other public services and is working with others to put in place appropriate arrangements that will free up police officer time. Working with partners, the force is embracing technology to become more effective and efficient. Recorded crime has reduced over the spending review period, and victim satisfaction is above the figure for England and Wales.



To what extent is the force taking steps to ensure a secure financial position for the short and long term?


Derbyshire Constabulary made all the savings it needed up to 2013/14 and it has increased its level of reserves during that time. The force plans to achieve the £6.2m savings required in 2014/15 and the £7.1m required in 2015/16. Although the force is showing the use of reserves in its current plans, it is confident that as plans are finalised, they will not need to be used. The outlook for 2016 and beyond is positive. The force is planning ahead to 2019/20 and is assembling business cases through priority-based budgeting and other work to design a new way for the force to provide policing into 2016 and beyond.



To what extent has the force got an affordable way of providing policing?


The way that the force currently polices Derbyshire has successfully supported achieving of savings for the spending review period. The force is developing a new way to organise itself so it can provide policing with fewer resources in the future. This will be implemented from March 2015 onwards. Currently, the proportion of savings to be achieved from pay is high compared with other forces. A tighter focus on providing more non-pay savings through the change programme will help the force to readdress the balance, enabling it to preserve its frontline police officer numbers.