Living in a different world: Joint review of disability hate crime

Victims of disability hate crime are being let down by the criminal justice system, and progress to improve their experience of reporting offences has been too slow, an independent report has found. A joint inspection of the police, probation and Crown Prosecution Service has uncovered a lack of understanding of what classifies as a disability hate crime and confusion around how this type of offence should be recorded and investigated. Although acknowledging some progress has been made, inspectors recommend all agencies must do more to ensure that disability hate crime is treated on an equal footing with other hate crimes, and that victims have the confidence to report crimes.

Chief Inspector of HM Crown Prosecution Service, Michael Fuller QPM, said on behalf of all the inspectorates:

“This report finds that in many ways Disability Hate Crime is the hate crime that has been overlooked. The criminal justice system must therefore change to provide an improved service for those with disabilities.”

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