College of Policing's new sharing platform connects police forces with crime reduction agencies to help fight crime

As stated in our 2021- 2025 strategy, HMICFRS is committed to capitalising on our independent insight and learning and sharing this with the sectors we inspect.

As part of this, we are pleased to announce the launch of the practice bank – an innovative online platform developed by the College of Policing with support from HMICFRS. This has been designed as a public-facing shared space and provides information on tactics, knowledge and advice across the criminal justice sector. Sharing our experiences of what works, and even what doesn’t work, will help police forces to learn from each other and better serve the public.

HMICFRS will continue to be a key contributor to the development of the practice bank. We will be identifying examples of promising, new or original practice within policing as we carry out inspections. These examples, already available through our inspection reports, will be added to the practice bank to ensure they are easy to access. This is a big step towards providing a single source of the truth to improve outcomes and help us all work together to tackle crime more effectively.