Verbal Reasoning Test


HMICFRS uses the Verbal Reasoning Test (VRT) for all applicants for inspection posts up to Grade 6 including all Associate posts. It may also be considered a useful tool for specific non-inspection posts (particularly Grade 7 and above).

Verbal reasoning is the ability to think about something in a logical way in order to form a conclusion or judgement, based on written information. This test ensures a consistent, fair and transparent way of testing candidates who will be required to read, analyse, assess and comment on written material as part of their role.

Once an application is made, the applicant will be invited to complete the VRT online through Civil Service jobs (Application).

The invitation will include full instructions on how to complete the test. The test requires the applicant to read a paragraph, which is followed by a statement. The applicant must decide if the statement is true, false or not possible to say, based on the information contained in the paragraph.

Although there is no time limit for completion of the test and applicants can take as long as they need, it is recommended that the applicant should set aside at least 40 minutes for each one. The individual job adverts will have a closing date listed for the completion of the test.

A pass of the VRT is required to proceed to the sift stage. Scores are banked for 6 months and applicants will not need to complete the test for any subsequent applications made for vacancies at the same grade during this time.