Secondee testimonials

HMICFRS recruits secondees from police forces across the country to join the workforce for fixed periods of time, ranging from a couple of months up to two years.

Previous secondees have said…

Going forward I have had taken a lot from the experience, primarily around effective leadership and management styles, strategic leadership and successful management of organisation change, (or not as we found out in some Forces) and brushed up on my project management skills too.

I found the secondment enjoyable and genuinely enlightening and now that I am back in force find myself viewing our work from a slightly different perspective. I would have no hesitation in recommending a secondment to HMICFRS to others.

Having completed the secondment I would conclude that the short term secondment actually worked very well. I feel it offered me the opportunity to learn new and develop existing skills. The shorter term secondment also offers the benefit to HMICFRS that the timing can be focussed on the period of greatest demand and the advantage for my home force that it is easier to manage a shorter abstraction.

Working alongside excellence – HMICFRS staff are at the top of their game, and simply working within this environment provides an opportunity to learn from the best policing can offer.

Understanding the bigger (wider) picture – HMICFRS has provided exposure to policing at a national level, something that will help develop a strategic understanding of the Service beyond any individual force.

Wider force network – having direct access to and experiencing a number of different forces provides the opportunity to help explore good practice as well as build a professional network.

Reporting to Chief Officers – the skills and experiences gained at HMICFRS will provide a confidence in reporting to senior staff.